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Another Large Pledge Class Arrives at ATΩ

Gamma Theta Builds Strong Ties with Community, UNL Campus Organizations


The Gamma Theta Chapter is proud to say that it’s added more than 30 new members this fall. Recruitment Chairmen Austin Craft ’16, Teddy Murphy ’16, and Kipp Hergenrader ’17 worked nonstop over the summer in order to bring in a fantastic pledge class. With that being said, we are proud to announce that the Gamma Theta Chapter has signed 35 new pledges. This follows up a fall 2017 pledge class of 36 members. Gamma Theta’s pledge classes have seen a great increase in the past couple years, and we hope to continue that trend in the future. We are very excited to see ATO grow.


One of our main goals this semester is to keep implementing our True Merit values while preparing our freshmen for the rest of their college tenures and setting up our graduating seniors for success in the job market. It is important to instill and teach leadership qualities that not only will affect our campus in a positive manner, but also better prepare our members for the workforce. We are striving for True Merit and for betterment of the Gamma Theta Chapter here at UNL as we close out the fall semester.


Throughout this fall semester, we have hosted many events. One of our very first events was an alumni cookout the first week of school where the new members were able to meet some of the Board of Trustees. Along with the cookout, we like to have a representative from the university give a presentation. This year, we had a speaker from the Campus Involvement and Student Living office come and talk to our whole chapter about all of the great opportunities that campus organizations offer. Lastly, we also enjoyed hosting the third annual Tau Tacos philanthropy event in late October. We teamed up with an anti-human trafficking organization called “I’ve Got a Name” to raise awareness about human trafficking.


Overall, the Gamma Theta Chapter has had a great fall. Our brotherhood chairs have been working hard and were finally able to successfully set up a paintball brotherhood event. The Parents Club has been outstanding with its new leaders who have helped set up house cleans and many Sunday night dinners. The parents have also been a big help with cleaning up around the house.


Our chapter has also seen an increase in campus involvement, as 13 freshman and six upperclassmen have applied for student government positions. With that in mind, the Gamma Theta Chapter hopes to continue down this road of growth while seeking to become, once again, the top chapter on campus.


Lastly, I would like to take a moment and thank all the alumni, as well as our Board of Trustees. They have continually supported us, and are always working to preserve the great chapter of Alpha Tau Omega-Gamma Theta.


Love and Respect,
Zach Lanham ’16
Chapter President
(402) 916-0752



Chapter Officers

Zach Lanham ’16
Omaha, Neb.


Vice President
Jake Richardson ’16
Omaha, Neb.


Miles Morrissey ’17
Norfolk, Neb.


Logan Kirk ’16
Lincoln, Neb.


Ryan Cink ’16
Lincoln, Neb.


Chase Lueckenhoff ’16
Lincoln, Neb.

Teddy Murphy ’16
Omaha, Neb.


Risk Manager
Nick Swan ’17
Omaha, Neb.


Recruitment Chairmen
Austin Craft ’16
Omaha, Neb.
(402) 689-3169


Teddy Murphy ’16 
Omaha, Neb.
(402) 214-2578


Kipp Hergenrader ’17
Lincoln, Neb.
(402) 405-4875

"ATO is part of my life every day through memories and friends. Whether in the same city or spread out across the country, my brothers and I stay in touch. They are my lifelong friends."
‐ Michael Stephens ’88

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