Building on a Tradition of Excellence


It is our honor and privilege to announce to you a very important undertaking for ATΏ at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. For the past two years, the house corporation and a number of dedicated alumni worked diligently to position Gamma Theta for the future. Today, we proudly announce the Building on a Tradition of Excellence campaign. This capital campaign will renovate our 90-year-old chapter house and provide for scholarship funding. The campaign is designed to secure the future of ATΏ on the UNL campus and provide an improved environment for future Taus.


A Necessary Undertaking

It is a bold plan and large undertaking but one that is necessary for the vitality and success of our chapter. We must improve the safety and livability of the house and add modern amenities in order to attract and retain the best and brightest students at the university. Our chapter has been working at a disadvantage on the Nebraska campus for some time as other fraternities and university housing now surpass what we offer our members. We have a responsibility to provide a safe and sound structure for young men to live in and thrive during their years as undergraduates. To fulfill this responsibility, a major investment is needed, and the time is now.

The original Old Stone Fortress was constructed in the 1920s and the “new” addition in 1965. There is no doubt that our chapter house has served us well for the last 90+ years.


Remaining Competitive

Hundreds of young men had the fortune to call 1433 R Street home. However, time has definitely taken its toll. Growing maintenance concerns, unstable infrastructure, outdated design, and important life-safety issues require us to act. In addition, the competition from significantly upgraded fraternity houses, residence halls, and off-campus apartments has grown. We must renovate to be competitive in the Lincoln campus market.


Our Plan

The house corporation, working with an experienced consulting firm and a group of alumni, developed a tactical approach to provide a facility that will meet the needs of both our undergraduate brothers and future generations. Through a careful evaluation of the capability of our alumni, along with the efforts of our partners and alumni in this endeavor, we were able to set a feasible funding goal. The result is a $3 million comprehensive plan to upgrade our home into a competitive living space at the same awesome location and to ensure the continuity of the legacy that each of us helped build. Included in this amount is a $500,000 scholarship component to allow Gamma Theta to provide assistance to those talented young men that might otherwise not be able to afford the ATΏ experience.

"Leadership experiences in the chapter helped me grow as a young man. Being surrounded by highly motivated guys taught me time management and a multitude of other skills. It fostered a good work ethic and helped me later in life during my residency."
‐ Justin Harris ’96

Building on a Tradition of Excellence Campaign

Total to Date:Our Goal:
$2,209,900.00 $3,225,000.00

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